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Minimize downtime! NetPulse monitors what issues are affecting your network and alerts you before they become critical. Get automatically generated, easy to understand reports detailing the health and status of your network.

If you lost all of your data, all your files, spreadsheets, contracts, databases and more, right now, are you certain you could retrieve all of them? Quickly? Get CityVault; the automatic, surprisingly affordable, remote backup service from Citynet.

Citynet Cloud
Get additional computing power and high-quality services for less cost. Access applications and data from anywhere. Pay only for what you need. Eliminate painful software upgrades. Cloud computing can transform your business.

Live Grades
Metro Ethernet
Had it not been for CityVault, we would have lost our important data. We got it back easily after an internal issue. I am thrilled that we had this fail-safe backup available to us. CityVault is a wonderful product and I’m happy we have it when we need it.
City Window & Construction Company
George Pollock
City Window & Construction Company

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