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Referral Program

Spread the Word. Reap the Benefits.

Whether you are a business or an individual, you can participate in the Citynet Referral Program.

With attractive payouts and robust features such as, easy navigation, automatic e-mail notifications, and your own management tracking system, Citynet’s referral program is an easy way for you to cash in!

How it Works

   1. Enter the business you are referring into the referral system.
   2. Assign any sales rep or manager to each referral you submit.
   3. Cash your check for the sales of those referrals.

Citynet will automatically e-mail you a receipt for any referrals you submitted.

As your referrals travel through the system, Citynet will automatically update you via e-mail.

Citynet will proactively let you know when you can expect your check along with the amount!

Enroll Now!

Just fill out this form and return it to us.  And be sure to read our Terms and Conditions.