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Snowshoe Mountain is a gem for West Virginia and thousands of people each year take in all it has to offer in each of the four seasons.For many years, while enjoying its plentiful activities, visitors to Snowshoe Mountain in the past suffered with weak and unreliable digital communications, due to being located in the National Radio Quiet Zone in Green Bank, West Virginia, and the restrictions it imposes to the area. Citynet devised a solution to this and is proud to supply Snowshoe Mountain with gigabit broadband – making it the first resort in the state with gigabit Internet! We also provide homeowners with crystal clear and feature-rich phone service as well as our CitynetTV  which includes an impressive offering of channels and convenience features. In addition, Citynet powers the resort’s state-of-the-art trail and village web cams.

Our CEO, Jim Martin, a life-long enjoyer of the mountain and current Snowshoe property owner, is enthusiastically committed to doing everything Citynet can offer to make the visitor experience even better by way of the latest in technology. In fact, Jim spearheaded our latest Snowshoe project, the @Snowshoe app – the app for everything Snowshoe – available now on both GooglePlay and the Apple AppStore.

Citynet is dedicated to providing the best in customer support, bar none. In addition to our field staff located at the resort, our technical support team is always available, 24/7/365, right from our corporate headquarters in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Snowshoe customers can call us, anytime, at 1.844.CITYNET or visit our Contact Us page.

We encourage you to come experience the Snowshoe Mountain we here at Citynet love!

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The Go-To App for Everything Snowshoe!

Make the most of the season at West Virginia’s beautiful Snowshoe Mountain with the @Snowshoe app – developed by Citynet. Navigate Snowshoe Village and Mountain with our info-packed, dynamic guide to everything Snowshoe. ​Enhance your visit with these great features:

Make the most of your Snowshoe experience. Download the @Snowshoe app today!