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Category: Field Services
Wheeling, WV

Job Title: Wireless Service Tech
Job Posted: 08/25/2020
Job Length: Full-Time
Job Description:

Definition of the position:

A Wireless Service Technician works with clients in installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting various parts of a wireless network and some wired related elements in a skilled and professional manner.  The Technician will provide these services and will keep track of all time and material for proper billing and cost accounting.  Common devices and items that will be worked on include (but are not limited to):



Essential Functions and Responsibilities to the position:


Qualifications required for the position:


Work Environment:

                Office Work, Field Work, the majority of work is outdoors


Additional Responsibilities:


Personal Characteristics:

The majority of work is outdoors so the right candidate must be comfortable working in inclement weather, climbing/working off ladders and roofs and will have experience with hand tools.

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