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Category: Enterprise Systems
Bridgeport, WV

Job Title: Windows Systems Administrator
Job Posted: 10/23/2020
Job Length: Full-Time
Job Description:

Definition of the position:

Assist in the administration of all Windows platforms.  This will focus primarily on Windows Server operating systems and essential applications installed thereon.  There will be occasional need for Windows desktop support.  Additionally, Enterprise System duties that fall outside of the Windows platform will be encountered on a sometimes daily basis.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities to the position:

Duties will typically range from least complex (Level I) to most complex (Level IV).  Initially only Level I duties will be covered, though as the employee’s skill sets develop, Level II through Level IV duties will be included.  By the nature of the position, all upper level positions will be expected to perform lower level duties where needed.  Additionally, though lower level positions will obviously not be expected to possess the knowledge of upper level duties as a whole, they may be expected to perform some upper level duties beyond their current level.  As upper level duties are learned and acquired, this provides the means for advancement to higher positions.


Level I Duties:

  1. Windows Server OS
  2. Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019
    1. Standard / Enterprise / Datacenter
  3. Installation
    1. Stand-Alone
    2. Built-in Software
  4. Maintenance
    1. Updates
  5. Microsoft
  6. 3rd Party
    1. Configuration Changes
    2. Event Log Review / Error Correction
    3. Assign Folder Level and Share Level Securities Where Necessary
    4. Restart Services as Necessary When They Become Unavailable
  7. Manage Network Connections
    1. TCP/IP Settings
  8. Domain Management / Active Directory
  9. AD / Intranet User Creation/Deletion
    1. Active Directory Users and Computer
    2. Intranet Company Info
    3. 1000 Account E-mail Creation
    4. Exchange E-mail Creation
    5. Assign User Level and Group Level Securities Where Necessary
  10. Utilize Various MMC Plugins
    1. Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)
    2. Device Manager
    3. Disk Management
    4. Event Viewer
    5. Local Users and Groups
    6. Services and Applications
    7. Shared Folders
    8. Terminal Services Manager
    9. Windows Explorer
  11. Backups
  12. Acronis Cyber Backup
  13. Job Creation
    1. Plan and Storage Management
  14. Scheduling
    1. Full
    2. Incremental
  15. Maintenance
    1. Daily Review of Job Completion
  16. Restorations per user request
  17. Off-Site Backups
    1. Place onto External Drive
    2. Take Responsibility for Removing it Off-Site
  18. Approximately Once Every Four Months as Part of On-Call Rotation
  19. Anti-Virus / Spyware
  20. Cisco AMP


  1. Documentation
  2. Standard Operating Procedures (Citynet CMS)
  3. Nagios
    1. Installing client on new machines
    2. Ensuring appropriate references are included on the monitoring server
  4. IP Allocation
  5. Remote Access
  6. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP/mstsc)
  7. Dell Remote Console Switch
  8. DRAC


  1. On-call rotation with other Windows group employees
  2. Approximately 10 days per month on a known schedule
  3. Accommodations/Exceptions readily made for any personal reasons
  4. Interact with Vendors
  5. Dell
    1. Pre-purchase review
  6. Website
  7. Account Rep
    1. Repair
  8. Driver/Firmware Updates from Website
  9. Tech Support for Warranty Needs
  10. eBay
    1. Pre-purchase review
  11. Availability of product
  12. Typical pricing
  13. Prepare PO based on list if total over $50
  14. Create searches for ongoing or unfulfilled needs
    1. Ensure proper inventory upon parts arrival
  15. NewEgg
    1. Pre-purchase review
  16. Determine parts list from website based upon needs/cost effectiveness
  17. Prepare PO based on list if total over $50
    1. Ensure proper inventory upon parts arrival
  18. Other vendors as necessary


Level II Duties:

  1. Windows Server OS
  2. Installation
  3. Cluster
  4. Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS)
  5. Cluster Administrator
  6. Storage Replica
  7. 3rd Party Software
  8. ColdFusion Server
  9. Acronis Cyber Backup
  10. Domain Management / Active Directory
  11. Utilize Various MMC Plugins
  12. Server Manager
  13. WDS
  14. Image maintenance
  15. Web
  16. IIS
  17. Implementing appropriate settings on new build-out
  18. Manually correcting provisioning errors
  19. Ensuring proper logging
  20. Manage SSL Certificates
  21. CF
  22. Implementing appropriate settings in CF Administrator on new build-out
  23. Updating datasources, debugging and other settings as necessary
  24. Utilize SeeFusion 3.0/4.0 as necessary when diagnosing problems
  25. FTP
  26. FTP Server
  27. Manually correcting provisioning errors
  28. Client Side
  29. DOS
  30. Windows (PASV-compliant)
  31. Migrations
  32. Migration of web resources from one machine to another as needed
  33. Work with clients to ensure proper operation
  34. Hardware
  35. BIOS Level Maintenance
  36. BIOS
  37. SATA RAID (Generic)
  38. SCSI RAID (Adaptec/PERC versions )
  39. RAID Creation/Maintenance
  40. RAID 10
  41. RAID 5
  42. Hot Spare
  43. Managed Services Monitoring
  44. Onsite Manager
  45. Pearson VUE Server/Workstation Maintenance
  46. WSUS  (Windows Updates Server)


Level III Duties:

  1. Domain Management / Active Directory
  2. Utilize Various MMC Plugins
  3. Data Sources (ODBC)
  4. DFS Management
  5. DHCP
  6. Domain Controller Security Policy Editor/Group Policy Management
  7. IIS All Versions
  8. DNS
  9. AD DNS
  10. Linux DNS – Web-based
  11. Virtual Machines (Vmware 5.x / 6.x)
  12. Creation/Deployment
  13. Maintenance
  14. Hardware Installation
  15. Hardware Selection and Procurement
  16. Build-out Where Necessary
  17. Installation Into Environment
  18. Power
  19. Network Connectivity
  20. KVM Connectivity
  21. KVM Maintenance
  22. NetApp Storage
  24. Exchange
  25. Exchange/Office 365
  26. Maintenance of Individual User Accounts
  27. Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)
  28. Office 365 management
  29. Outlook Web Access
  30. Outlook: All Versions
  31. Client Devices (Smartphones/Tablets/etc)
  32. Diagnose Mail Issues
  33. MessageTracking Center
  34. Telnet
  35. SQL
  36. SQL Server (all current supported versions)
  37. Stand – Alone
  38. SQL Server Enterprise Manager
  39. SQL Server 2005
  40. Stand-Alone / Cluster
  41. SQL Server Management Studio
  42. SQL Server Express
  43. Stand-Alone
  44. SQL Server Express Management Studio
  45. SQL Server Express 2008
  46. Stand-Alone
  47. SQL Server Express Management Studio
  48. MSDE
  49. Installation where necessary into existing structure
  50. Maintenance of User Security on per database and per server levels
  51. Maintenance of Localized SQL Backups
  52. Great Plains (Dynamics GP)
  53. Great Plains
  54. Addressing user needs as appropriate


Level IV Duties:

  1. Domain Management / Active Directory
  2. Utilize Various MMC Plugins
  3. Active Directory Domains and Trusts
  4. Active Directory Sites and Services
  5. ADSI Edit
  6. Future needs
  7. Create projects
  8. Plan for deployments
  9. Assess network layout for required changes
  10. Review systems for replacement or decommission
  11. Power Generation
  12. Determine appropriate loading of UPS Head Units
  13. Maintenance of Battery Units Supplying UPS Head Units
  14. Monitor Loading of Power Distribution Panel
  15. Generator
  16. Maintenance
  17. Implement Supplemental Power as Needed
  18. Modify Distribution Settings as Needed
  19. Predict Impact (Make Necessary Changes) on Power Distribution Network Prior to Installation of Newly Acquired Equipment
  20. Broken Web Code Detection / Correction
  21. Modify HTML as Needed
  22. Modify CF as Needed
  23. Modify ASP as Needed


Supervisory Responsibilities:

There will be no direct reports to this position.  This position will interact directly with Sales Support and the Customer Support Center, providing instruction and direction via both telephone and trouble tickets.


Qualifications required for the position:

No minimum level of education is required. The most important requirement is a working knowledge related to the Windows environment, both at a desktop and server level.  In the absence of formal experience, a Bachelor’s degree in a computer related field and/or Microsoft Certifications may be considered sufficient. 


The following are considered definite pluses: A working knowledge of IP networks and associated hardware;  A minimum of a very basic understanding of other systems, particularly Linux;  Programming knowledge in both traditional and web forms, particularly CF and ASP; An understanding of SQL; An understanding of e-mail, both Windows-based and Linux-based.


Work Environment:

This position is primarily a desk position as found in a normal office environment.  However, a small percentage of the time, typically less than 5-10%, will be spent in a typical server room environment which would be considered high noise and with potentially high EMF.  The server room environments require special precaution due to the increased electrocution hazard.  Occasional lifting of heavy devices (in excess of 50lbs) will be required.


Additional Responsibilities:

Additional job related responsibilities include an on-call rotation that occurs approximately ten days out of every month.  This on-call rotation is shared amongst other Enterprise Systems/Windows employees.  The rotation is flexible in that accommodations are readily made when personal interests conflict with the scheduled rotation.  Very infrequent travel via automobile is required to off-site locations such as Pittsburgh, PA.


Personal Characteristics:

This position requires regular interaction with other employees in the same group.  The individual occupying this position must be willing to accept multiple viewpoints and be willing to provide their own input.  When meetings are held, input and ideas from all members of the department are presented and weighed to achieve the best outcome for the situation at hand.  As such, the individual must be able to work in an environment where collaboration is of primary importance.



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