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What Are Citynet Managed Services?
When you subscribe to Citynet Managed Services, we can manage your network equipment and applications on your premises according to agreed upon terms; established to meet the your business' unique needs. We also offer hosted managed services, meaning we can host your equipment in our secure, state-of-the-art facilites and deliver services to your over a WAN.

Citynet Managed Services provides enterprise class capabilities for a predictable monthly fee—without requiring a large, initial capital investment. Companies that out-task to Citynet enjoy high levels of network support and availability, enable their internal IT staff to focus on strategic activities instead of network support, and pay only for those networking services that they need.

Key Benefits of Citynet Managed Services

Reduces costs, including traditional service fees, hardware, IT operations, and transport
Eases adoption of new business processes
Increases levels of support and network availability without additional staff
Makes the IT budget more stable and predictable
Provides access to the latest technology with limited risk
Provides access to an enhanced skills base
Makes it easier to adapt to changing business conditions
Enables the IT group to focus on the core business

Are Citynet Managed Services Right for Your Business?

Our business is facing challenges:

Staffing IT professionals
Staying up-to-date with evolving technologies and IT skill sets
Managing and maintaining current infrastructure, hardware, and software
Securing data, transactions, and communications
Responding quickly to time-to-market demands
Remaining flexible enough to maintain competitive position
Reducing network overhead costs
Operating in real time in order to meet 24-hour demand
Delivering services to branch offices and remote workers

Our business is in transition:

We need to upgrade, refurbish, move, or relocate existing infrastructure.
The scope or scale of current business operations is changing.
A merger, partnership, or acquisition is altering operations.
We need to increase the range and level of service.
Our growth targets depend on implementing new technologies.
We are expanding into new markets.

Our business wants to increase profitability:

We prefer to dedicate resources to our core competencies and mission critical processes rather than network support activities.
We view managed services as a good strategy for gaining efficiencies and reducing costs.
We need to implement a global network service but lack internal global resources.
We are concerned with our ability to keep up with the latest security threats and to meet privacy or security regulations.
We are experiencing dynamic business growth while undergoing downsizing and hiring freezes.

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Had it not been for CityVault, we would have lost our important data. We got it back easily after an internal issue. I am thrilled that we had this fail-safe backup available to us. CityVault is a wonderful product and I’m happy we have it when we need it.
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George Pollock
City Window & Construction Company

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