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Your business relies on your network more now than ever. It's a critical part of your success.

You know you need your network to stay up and running, and at its peak performance... yet you don't have time or the skills  to be a network expert; you have a business to run. When your network goes down, it can be a disaster, but not if you have Citynet on your side. NetPulse, our network monitoring service, allows us to identify a network emergency, such as downtime, the moment it happens, it will spot early signs of trouble and take action to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that when an issue needs to be addressed, you have priority access to Citynet's entire team of highly trained and professionally certified network engineers and specialists to get you back in tip-top shape quickly.

Quick Response

NetPulse monitors what issues are affecting your network, and responds before they become critical: such as a server running low on memory.

NetPulse automatically alerts Citynet and your staff guaranteeing a quick response to problems, 24x7x365.

Security Monitoring

Alerts Citynet and your staff on attempted network access by unauthorized users.

Extensive security reporting gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire network’s security.

NetPulse Monitors It All
Your network consists of many components working together to keep you running. NetPulse monitors all of them, including:



Network Security Services

Wide Area Network Connections

Wide Area Routers and Switches

And more!

Graphical Performance Reporting

Scheduled executive reporting, automatically generated and sent directly to e-mail addresses of your choice.

Remote Management & Communication

NetPulse minimizes disruptions to the work environment by remotely resolving many issues

If an issue arises that requires on-site assistance, prior in-depth knowledge allows us to send fully prepared specialists who can resolve the issue faster than ever before

Network services monitoring and alerting (POP3, HTTP, FTP and others)

Very low bandwidth requirements – does not slow down your network response time

Detailed Site Level Inventory

At any moment know exactly what is going on with your network

NetPulse collects and maintains a detailed hardware and software inventory, and patch information; automatically collected and 100% accurate

This information can be used for insurance claims in case of flood, fire or theft

Experts... At Your Service

Our team is trained, certified and highly-experienced with network installation, integration, security and network support with respect to hardware from virtually all major vendors.

We have teams of Microsoft and Cisco network specialists, as well as experts in other recognized hardware and software suppliers.  These knowledgeable in-house professionals can quickly address and correct problems with any system. Whatever your networking monitoring needs may be, our consultants can handle it.

The Best Customer Service. Bar None.

As a Citynet customer, you have 24/7/365 access to our award-winning, locally  based Customer Care and Technical Support Center. Our support team is located at our corporate headquarters in Bridgeport, West Virginia, and we are always standing by to provide you with support, whenever you need it.

Get Started Today.
Just call us at 800.903.8906 or fill out the form below. We'll arrange a time to talk about your network, and provide you with a free, no-obligation security and vulnerability assessment of your network. We look forward to talking with you!

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