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Citynet Network Security Services provide “defense in depth” with a broad range of solutions. Keeping current with constantly evolving security technologies is expensive—and requires ongoing investment. The price of failure can include loss of productivity, revenue, and intellectual property. As a result, our Managed Security Services are highly attractive options for many businesses.


Achieve regulatory compliance
Citynet complies with standards such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), which requires secure transmission and storage of payment card information.

Reduce the cost and risks associated with data theft and data corruption
Our network security experts remotely monitor and protect all the devices in your network from our secure Network Operations Center (NOC), 24/7/365.

Increase productivity from reduced downtime and network outages
Security requires constant monitoring of networks, servers, and desktop computers. Take advantage of our economies of scale that provide your with monitoring at lower costs.

Protect against internal and external threats
As companies use their networks to reach out to customers and trading partners, they face increasing risk from viruses, hackers, and other external or internal security threats. Citynet Network Security Services helps protect your distributed systems from becoming compromised.

Protect physical assets as well as data
Experience demonstrates that hackers and intruders target not only corporate data, but also corporate systems. Citynet protects your entire network infrastructure.

Citynet Network Security Options

Managed Firewall
This option protects internal and external networks by restricting the types of network protocols and traffic allowed on the network. The service can be deployed as a standalone managed service or as part of a defense-in-depth approach. Citynet Managed Services that include managed firewall include secure Internet connectivity, managed VPN, distributed denialof-service (DDoS) mitigation, intrusion prevention system, anti-x, and endpoint protection.

Managed Intrusion Prevention System
This option detects and prevents network intrusion when used in conjunction with firewalls.

Managed Endpoint Protection
Managed endpoint protection detects and stops anomalous application behavior on servers as well as desktops.

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