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Go Green & Go Paperless Now!

Say Goodbye to Paper Bills
Eliminate your energy bills – at least on paper – by signing up for paperless billing with Citynet.

It's easy, free and makes life just a little easier. It also reduces your consumption of paper, which is good for the environment!
Here's How it Works
We'll send you an e-mail and let you know when you can view your current bill online. You simply sign in to your account online with your account number and password to view your bill. It's easy to pay your bill online by credit card on our secure payment interface.

Helpful Reminders
Concerned you'll forget to pay your bill if you don't have a paper copy in front of you? Don't worry. We'll even send you an e-mail reminder to you before you would incur any late charges. If you ever do want a paper bill, it's easy to print out a copy from your computer.
It's Safe
You're protected by advanced encryption technology.
It's Green
You'll help save trees and energy the paperless way.
It's Simple
Easily view invoices, pay your bill and update your account settings anytime.

Here are just some of the benefits of paperless billing:   

Citynet's "Go Green" campaign is part of the "Citynet Care's" Initiative. Citynet and its employees care deeply about our community and environment, and are committed to efforts for the betterment of both.