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Need to communicate to everyone, everywhere, instantly?

Need to know the instant someone calls 911?

Need to improve your emergency notification ability?

We can help with that.


Solutions for Government
Drive Safety and Efficiency through a Unified Notification Platform

Communicate to mobile devices, displays, speakers, beacons and more

Notify through live or recorded speech, text and images

Send critical communications across agencies, jurisdictions and cities
Solutions for Education
Drive Campus Safety and Simplify Broadcasts

Send emergency notifications with the push of a button

Consolidate bells, clocks and speakers to reduce cost and centralize management

Instantly reach cell phones, email and social networks


Solutions for Healthcare
Increase Communication Ability and Reduce Cost

Leverage network for bed-side alarms

Instant communication using Cisco wireless push-to-talk phones

Create single notification networks through IP or analog systems


Solutions for Business
Improve Communication, Safety and Reduce Cost

Record and audit calls and alerts

Reach the right person, at the right time, on the right device

Instantly broadcast communications across buildings, cities, even countries


Emergency Notification Solutions
Get the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time – Instantly

Syn-Apps Emergency Notification solution monitors and alerts based on user and system-activated events to make sure everyone, on or off premise, is instantly informed of critical events.

Mass notify all or select groups via:

Phones (audio and / or display)
Text / SMS / Email
Indoor speakers
Outdoor speakers

Digital Message Boards
Cell Phones
Mass Notification services
Facebook and Twitter

 Monitor & Alert Solutions
Awareness is the Key to Physical Security and Safety

Syn-Apps Monitor and Alert solutions listen for user and system-activated events to make sure everyone, on or off premise, is instantly informed of critical events.

Monitor systems and generate alerts based on:
Fire and Alarm systems
Environmental systems
Weather conditions
Child abduction incidents
Facility systems
Monitor User-Activated Triggers and generate alerts based on:
Button pressed from any phone
PC or web activation
Mobile phone activation
Wireless IP phone activation
Discrete panic buttons
Video feeds / security office applications
Nurse call buttons
Instant call recording for forensics or audit needs

Paging & Intercom Solutions
Put Your IP Network to Use for Effective Communication
Syn-Apps offers paging integration to literally any speaker in addition to a number of time & cost saving solutions

Real-time audio / text / text-to-speech messages to IP phones

Easily integrate analog paging systems for a single notification

Centrally broadcast to any combination of zones

Record and play instant broadcasting

Broadcast audio to overhead speakers (analog or IP) and
    IP phones simultaneously
Instantly find personnel and engage in ad-hoc conference
     call with a single-button push

Select from a host of IP-based speakers and clocks
    with one-way broadcast or talk and listen capability

Push-to-talk on IP wireless phones to create walkie-talkie
Syn-Apps makes sure you get the most out of your network and IP phone investments.
Scheduled Broadcast Solutions
Schedule Notification Events – Simply and Instantly
Syn-Apps provides a powerful broadcast engine that allows you to schedule bells and tones, pre-recorded announcement, and even play background music – all leveraging your IP network
Customize and schedule bell tones and easily control when
    and where they play

Instantly configure zones, speaker volumes, and frequency of     announcement
Pre-record and play announcements or record ad-hoc
    communication for immediate delivery

Customize shift change, break notifications, alerts and
    warnings to play when and where you need them

Syn-Apps makes centralized operational communication a reality for one or hundreds of offices on a street, across the state, or around the world.

Utilities & Custom Solutions
The Right Tools for the Job Can Simplify Your Life
Syn-Apps offers utilities to easily leverage your phone directory, inventory phones, record calls – and so much more
Cisco directory lookup wearing out your fingers?  Our smart
    directory offers an industry first predictive capability making
    phone lookups fast and easy

Need to record some or all calls?  Our call recording
    capability is built for your IP phones and budget
IPCC Express?  Monitor call center and queues  with our
    IPCC X solution

What do I have and where?  Leverage Syn-Apps inventory
    solution to find the answer instantly with a click of the mouse

 Need it and can’t find it?  Talk to us about customizing Syn-Apps products or creating one for you.  Syn-Apps award winning tools and capabilities could be just what you’ve been looking for. Call the Syn-Apps experts at Citynet today: 800.903.8906.

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