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Seven Reasons to Invest in Telepresence

Telepresence is the new way of working. Citynet can show you how you can do more with less, transform your organization and be green.

A recent global study on the use of telepresence and video conferencing revealed the top reasons to invest in video collaboration, listed below.

1. Increase efficiency.

Telepresence-enabled real-time access to remote experts, colleagues, suppliers or customers transforms businesses by eliminating silos and enabling new ways to collaborate and share ideas.

2. Improve productivity.

Face-to-face communication improves focus,helps reduce confusion, improves group collaboration and brings people closer together. And, mobile offerings enhance productivity for those on the road.

3. Drive competitive advantage.

The ability to make real-time decisions over high-quality telepresence can speed the time to market for a product or service, and help ensure business-critical issues are resolved swiftly.

4. Save money.

Cutting costs by replacing travel with telepresence is often enough to offset the initial investment within months. Furthermore, real estate and operational costs can be reduced by encouraging telepresenceenabled telecommuting.

5. Ensure business continuity.

With telepresence, business carries on even when blizzards close down roads, volcano eruptions ground flights, and flu pandemics force people to stay home to avoid exposure.

6. Improve work/life balance.

Visual communication enables less travel and fewer commutes, which leads to happy employees. And, happy employees are productive employees.

7. Lower your carbon footprint.

Reducing travel and providing more effective telecommuting options means adding less CO2 to the atmosphere. Telepresence is green.

For more information about business-quality telepresence solutions - from the laptop to immersive telepresence rooms, contact Citynet at 800.903.8906 or

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