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Virtual Private Servers

Eliminate the Headaches. Leverage the Expertise of Citynet. Save Money.

When you incorporate a VPS solution through Citynet, you can get back to concentrating on your core business.
Relax, knowing that your sever and invaluable data reside in one of Citynet's state-of-the-art Carrier Grade Data Centers.

Say goodbye to the days of high CapEx costs to buy a new server, find the secure space for it, buy the required bandwidth for it, and ensure you have the redundancy to protect it.

Trust the expertise of Citynet. Our team of highly credentialed and professional engineers constantly monitor your sever, powers it, applies the required security patches, performs backups and more.  Let us provide you with all the advantages of having your own, scalable server and free yourself from your technology issues of the past.

Why Citynet VPS?

Uptime. Efficiency. Security. Savings and much more. Citynet partitions a physical server into multiple virtual servers that each have a protected and reserved amount of CPU and RAM resources. Unlike Shared hosting, virtual private servers do not compete against each other for these resources. Therefore, a spike in resource demand among other VPS instances, will not lead to a performance decline in your website or database.

Who Uses VPS?

VPS Hosting is a good fit for businesses or users who are experiencing rapid growth, heavy web site traffic, or running complex applications, as well as those businesses that don't have IT staff.

VPS is Flexible & Scalable

Scale up your performance as your needs grow. Citynet VPS solutions allow you to quickly scale vertically with no need to reboot. You can add another virtual server instance in seconds!

It's Customized & Affordable

Only pay for the server performance you need. Choose a server size and avoid paying for resources that you will not use.

It Offers a High-Level of Control

Unlike shared hosting, you have control over your VPS. You have full root access to your virtual server, and the ability to reboot remotely, from your own customized interface panel.

Provide Enterprise-Class Reliability

Citynet manages its own network, so that your site never skips a beat. Citynet’s network is backed by a 100% uptime guarantee policy.

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