5 Must-Know SIEM Questions Answered

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5 Must-Know SIEM Questions Answered

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1. What Does SIEM Stand for?

SIEM = Security Information and Event Management

2. What is CyberPulse?

CyberPulse is Citynet’s SIEM solution: a 24/7/365 intelligent threat detection system. It collects logs and analyzes threat alerts across your network, so critical alerts get immediate remediation before they can cause serious harm to your business.

3. Why Is a SIEM Important?

Compliance: Compliance regulations require documentation and reporting. A SIEM solution provides centralized, built-in, easy-to-use, real-time log collection, alerting, and reporting features. Visibility: A SIEM solution provides real-time visibility into what’s happening across your entire network — 24/7/365.

Remediation: Real threats are identified, isolated, and remediated quickly before they can cause severe harm and costly business disruptions.


It can take several days, even months, to identify a data compromise, and it’s easy to see why. Modern security tools can generate millions of security alerts over the course of a day. CyberPulse filters out the noise, so the real threats get immediate attention.

4. How Does SIEM Work?

We Call It E-R-I-N

* Events

First, we collect millions of security alerts, or events, from your entire network. 

* Rules

Then, we apply rules to determine which events are actionable threats. (These threats become incidents.)

* Incidents

Next, the most critical incidents get immediate attention.

* Notifications

Finally, your response team is instantly notified, so you can begin the remediation.

5. Who Needs a SIEM?

With today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, a SIEM solution is critical in staying ahead of the latest threats. And while every business can benefit from a SIEM, those that must comply with industry and government regulations and those looking to qualify for cybersecurity insurance will find it essential.


We understand you may not be a security expert. Partnering with Citynet lets you run your business knowing your critical digital infrastructure is protected.

Learn more about CyberPulse or contact Citynet today for a FREE DEMO of CyberPulse! Call us anytime at 1.844.CITYNET (844.248.9638)