Unified Communications

Making sure your employees stay connected and productive wherever they are.

Unified Communications (UC) are integrated solutions that bring multiple tools, such as instant messaging (IM), conferencing, email, and voice calling together. UC technologies provide seamless user experiences that help people work together more effectively, anywhere, on any device. Employees can have a single phone number that can reach them, nearly anywhere and on nearly any device. Merge your voicemail and email systems behind a single user interface; transition seamlessly from a phone call to a web conference. And do it all without increasing the burden on your existing network, systems or staff. ​Organizations that utilize Unified Communications significantly enhance team collaboration and productivity, thereby reducing costs.
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Citynet is a leading provider of Unified Communication services to West Virginia. We are proud to be a Premier Partner with Cisco, the global leader in UC technologies, which includes Webex Collaboration Solutions.

We offer a variety of collaborative solutions from multiple partners that leverage the best in UC technologies. Contact Citynet and learn how to maximize your business communications with this dynamic technology.

UC Features Include:

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Voice / Telephony
​Integration of voice across all endpoint devices helps achieve a single contact number and a more intuitive experience when working with multiple locations.

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Unified Messaging
Integrated chat functionality so members can communicate with each other more effectively, improving employee collaboration and for better business results.

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Take your office with you, make and receive phone calls, chat with your colleagues or customers using your extension or phone number.

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Staff can choose a desired presence status for their extension, displaying their availability to other members.

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Desktop Sharing
Allow remote access for a variety of applications and foster immediate collaboration on an employee’s computer.

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Share video & audio across multiple devices across different business locations for increased productivity while located in remote locations.

The Benefits of Unified Communications

Today office communication takes place via different devices and media types – telephone land lines, mobile phones, video conferencing, email and soft phones. Employees can feel stressed and overwhelmed trying to juggle all these channels and still work effectively. Unified Communications brings together all these devices and interfaces into one single integrated application. UC makes it easier for people to connect, communicate and work together. The result is more productive employees and smoother interactions – and at a fraction of the cost.

Boosts Productivity & Collaboration
Reduces Travel and Administrative Costs
​Lowers IT and Other Operational Costs
Picture Provides Better Workforce Collaboration
Telecommute Easily & Securely
Offers Secure Communication