Taxes, Fees & Other Charges

Information About the Taxes, Fees & Other Charges on Your Citynet Invoice

We are dedicated to providing you with the best communication, entertainment, and technology services – now and into the future. We are truly thankful for your business and want to explain some of the taxes, fees and other charges you may see on your invoice.

Due to continually rising costs within our business, we may have to adjust our pricing to reflect these costs, many of which are beyond our control.

Programmers such as ESPN, Fox, HBO®, and others charge us so we can bring you their programming. These programming fees are one of our largest expenses and increase regularly but are required so that we may continue to bring you the best in programming and entertainment.

Below is a list of common taxes, fees, and other charges that you might see on your monthly invoice from us.

TV Retransmission (or Broadcast) Fee
The fees that local broadcast stations charge us to show their programming.

Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF)
The FUSF is a system of subsidies, fees, and funding designed to increase access to telecommunications for everyone who lives in the United States. You will see this on your phone invoice.

Regional Sports Fee
This is an itemized monthly charge and will increase from time to time. It is based on our costs for providing the regional sports networks that we carry on our system.

Regulatory Cost Recovery
This fee is assessed by Citynet to recover certain federal, state, and/or local regulatory costs related to voice service.

911 Fee
This fee helps states and localities fund their 911 and E911 systems, along with other emergency services. The amount of this fee varies by locality.

Federal Excise Tax
The federal government requires this tax on some types of voice services.

Sales Tax
Sales tax varies by state, and in some states, it may vary by locality.


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