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80% of data breaches are caused by weak, reused, or stolen passwords.

Excellent business password hygiene and practices are necessary to avoid data breaches. However, traditional password management practices can be overwhelming for both employees and Admins.

LastPass Business empowers your workforce by reducing friction for users and IT teams. Save time by simplifying employee password management while granting Admins actionable oversight, from advanced reporting to 100+ customizable security policies.

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Eliminate employee password reuse
Ensure employees practice great password hygiene with the integrated LastPass Password Generator.

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Manage passwords from one place
Give every user their own personalized vault, while maintaining oversight with a robust admin dashboard.

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Protect your sensitive data
Keep everyone’s credentials, notes, and info safe using LastPass’ zero-knowledge security model.

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Share passwords simply, and safely
Securely share credentials where employees and clients require access and organize shared credentials by Groups.

Security custom to your business

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise company, LastPass Business is flexible to your needs.  

Citynet is here to help you get started with all the features to increase your security stance!
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Password Management Control for Admins
LastPass Business features that provide the right level of insight for enterprise password management.

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Simple Employee Logins and Password Sharing
LastPass Business features that enable small business password management, without burdening the IT team.