Fiber Broadband

The Citynet Fiber Network

Incredible speed. Outstanding reliability. Amazing, 24/7 local customer support.

Citynet Fiber Broadband Makes Amazing Possible.

Now more than ever, everyone needs fast, reliable bandwidth that works in our digital world. No matter if you are a business owner, a telecommuter, a serious gamer, or a family trying to keep up with work and school requirements on multiple devices, the Citynet Fiber Network brings you game-changing capabilities. Plus, our fiber customers also get exclusive access to CitynetTV!

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Fiber is the Fastest. Period.

BIG Benefits for Business

Huge Bandwidth

All the bandwidth you need! Easily support concurrent bandwidth demands for digital phone services, video conferencing, cloud applications, data backup, streaming services, general Internet use and more.

Incredible Speed

The fastest speed available. Speed does not decrease as high demands are put on the network. ​Speeds can reach into the gigabits per second - thousands of times faster than traditional technology.

Outstanding Reliability

Experience exceptional up-time. The use of light and glass eliminates interference while providing higher stability. ​Fiber signals do not degrade or disappear due to electromagnetic interference and weather is not a factor in performance.

Attractive Savings

Get the speed you pay for, all the time! Upgrade only when needed. Eliminate costly productivity issues that are directly attributed to slow or unreliable Internet.

Ultimate Flexibility

Move more applications and services to the cloud. Work without interruption on a network that can easily scale with your business as it grows.

Superior Security

Data is safer with fiber. It doesn’t radiate signals and is almost impossible to tap. If an attempt is made to break the fiber, it will be readily apparent and can be quickly fixed.

Our Fiber Network Delivers!

We’re aggressively expanding our network each and every day across West Virginia. And we’re doing it right, building it from the ground-up, delivering game-changing performance.  Our network is monitored around-the-clock by our Network Operations Team located at our corporate headquarters in Bridgeport, West Virginia, which is also where our Technical Support Team offers 24/7/365 support.

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CitynetTV. All the Features. None of the Hassle.

Exclusive to our fiber customers!

CitynetTV offers robust channel offerings, including local and premium movie channels, feature-packed DVR service, a full-function remote, and straightforward, affordable packages with no contracts.

Offices, hotels, medical facilities, apartment complexes, and more on the Citynet Fiber Network are taking advantage of CitynetTV – we think you should too!

We are West Virginia's Fiber Broadband Leaders

Citynet is a leading in the effort to bring affordable broadband to all areas of West Virginia. Our CEO, Jim Martin, is a prominent advocate for broadband accessibility and open competition within the state and engages on all levels of state and federal government as part of this effort. Some of our accomplishments in our effort to bring fiber broadband to West Virginia include: 

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The Citynet Fiber Network powers Snowshoe Mountain Resort with gigabit Internet, TV, phone and other innovative technologies – making it the first gigabit-enabled resort in the state.

Philippi, West Virginia

Through a partnership forged in 2016, Citynet is proud to serve the City of Philippi, West Virginia as the provider of fiber broadband, phone & TV services via the Citynet Fiber Network.

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Starting in 20216, Citynet, working with the City of Bridgeport, created the first Gigabit City in West Virginia, which is also home to Citynet’s headquarters & our 24-Hour Technical Support Center.