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Amazing TV! All the Channels. Great Features. Straightforward Packages & Pricing.

Citynet fiber customers: take full advantage of the super-bandwidth of your Citynet ultra-fast fiber connectivity. Add CitynetTV for the ultimate experience! Pick one of our straightforward channel packages and start experiencing amazing TV without any of the high costs or headaches of your current provider.
  • Enjoy crystal-clear clarity of digital television
  • Experience solid reliability
  • Easily record your favorite shows with our cloud-based DVR, pause and rewind live TV
  • Watch select channels on-the-go with the TVEverywhere app
  • Get outstanding, local, customer support

We keep it simple, and affordable. Choose from three channel packages – all include local and community channels. Easily add the premium channels you love, such as HBO, Showtime and more.​

CALL US TODAY!  1.844.CITYNET (248.9638) or fill out this short form to inquire if our services are available in your area.

CitynetTV Movie Bundle
Please Note:  To enjoy all that CitynetTV has to offer, you must be a Citynet Fiber Internet customer.


    Your CitynetTV DVR & Remote Bring All the Features!

    Our cloud-based DVR comes with a feature-packed remote control that puts you in control of your amazing CitynetTV experience! Pause, rewind or record programming. Get more program information at the touch of a button plus much more!

    You're Mobile. Now, So is Your TV!

    We’re more mobile than ever before. There’s also more great content to watch on a variety of network websites and apps. With TV Everywhere (TVe) tech­nology, you can watch on your mobile devices, wherever you are.

    Now, it’s easy to keep up with the newest TV series, sports, news and events — live and on demand — available to you as a CitynetTV customer, all at no additional cost.

    Get easy access on smartphones, tablets or laptops!

    CitynetTV TVeverywhere

    Provide a Quality TV Experience for Your Staff, Tenants, Patients & Guests


    Leverage your Citynet Fiber Network connection! CitynetTV is a great way to offer increased satisfaction, attract new tenants or provide an enhanced experience for valued guests.

    We are proud to provide exceptional TV services and support to many of our area’s businesses, hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, office complexes and more. Contact us and we can tailor a channel plan and feature set that meets your requirements without busting your budget.

    ​Not on the amazing Citynet Fiber Optic Network yet? Call us at 1.844.CITYNET, email us or fill out this short form.

    Outstanding Customer Support
    24 Hours a Day - 365 Days a Year

    Friendly, Expert Support is Always Available.
    We’re standing by to help, right now, from our WV-based corporate headquarters.