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From working from home, remote learning for the kids, seamless streaming of entertainment to your TV and devices, and more…do it all simultaneously with GIG Internet from Citynet! We make it easy with straightforward packages and great prices. Plus, once you have our GIG Internet, you can add amazing CitynetTV and Citynet Voice to your service! Learn about our residential fiber installation process here.

Call us today at 304.848.5400, or fill out this short form to see if Citynet Fiber is available at your address.

GIG Internet

As low as $ 73
00 *
monthly with all discounts applied
  • Incredible speed - Our fiber optic is the fastest!
  • Outstanding reliability keeps you up and running
  • Seamless streaming on any device
  • 24/7/365 LOCAL, West Virginia support
  • FREE wireless router included
  • Get on-site technical support for $10/mo
  • Need phone too? Add it for only $20/mo

* Pricing & Discounts

Regular price is $85 per month. Save up to $12 per month with these discounts:
  • Auto Pay: $10
  • Email Invoicing: $2

Once you have Citynet Internet, you can easily add HDTV!

** Note: CitynetTV is ONLY available with Citynet GIG Internet **
CALL US TODAY!  1.844.CITYNET (248.9638) or fill out this short form to inquire if our services are available in your area.

    * Citynet TV is only available with Citynet Internet

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