Fixed Wireless

Remote No Longer Means No Access.

Fixed Wireless Internet from Citynet

Fixed Wireless Connectivity

Citynet offers fixed wireless connectivity for business in the greater Wheeling, West Virginia area. A fixed wireless connection is an extremely flexible way of enabling data communications between sites, especially remote sites, and the Internet without the need to install a cable infrastructure. It’s also a simple and secure method of Internet access. Fixed wireless utilizes microwave signals to connect customers between a Citynet tower to a receiving dish at the customer’s location.​

NOTE: Fixed wireless is not WiFi or a satellite connection.

How it Works

​Fixed Wireless is typically part of a wireless WAN infrastructure connecting two fixed locations, such as buildings, with a directional radio antenna at each end of the signal. It’s designed to handle various weather conditions, signal distances and bandwidths. Radios and antennas are selected to make their transmission beam as narrow as possible and thus focus the transmitted energy to their destination. This increases reliability and reduces the chance of eavesdropping and/or data interference.

Wireless Map

Fixed Wireless is Not Satellite Connectivity. It’s Better.

​Unlike satellite, a fixed wireless signal never travels outside of the atmosphere, meaning time lags or weather interruptions are less likely. Because the signal has a shorter distance to travel, latency is significantly less when using fixed wireless than with satellite Internet. In addition, fixed wireless is less expensive than satellite and there aren’t any data caps.

Fixed Wireless Benefits Include


Without any cables in the ground, there isn't anything to deteriorate or be accidentally damaged.

Fast Installation

Installation is faster than other methods, and includes straightforward equipment that can provide service in days, not months.


With quick installation and various bandwidths available, fixed wireless is ideal for temporary sites and rapid bandwidth upgrades.

High Quality

Fixed wireless offers a range of speeds, symmetrical and asymmetrical links, low latency, and availability.


Ideal ​for a wide range of applications including cloud-based applications, web hosting, streaming media, VoIP, and teleconferencing.

Bandwidth Options

With a wide array of speeds available, fixed wireless outperforms other more traditional methods and can perform a redundancy role.

Fixed Wireless is Great for These Applications

​The Citynet Fixed Wireless Network is designed to support the type of applications businesses need today, and is designed to support the applications of the future.

Citynet offers fixed wireless network solutions for businesses in the greater Wheeling, West Virginia area. Our variety of connectivity options combined with our comprehensive business technology solutions give you the freedom to focus on growing your business.