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Forward thinking businesses are moving away from traditional on-premise solutions and embracing the significant benefits offered by cloud services. Delivering increased organizational security and resilience while achieving greater agility, innovation as well as the ability to rapidly scale infrastructure, migrating to the cloud can generate significant cost efficiencies through flexible, scalable pricing models. Utilizing only the amount of services your business needs now, with the ability to easily scale as you grow can have a positive impact on your resources, both financial and human.

Citynet is well positioned to guide your organization through the key considerations of people, process and technology to advise how to best migrate over to cloud services, based on your organization’s specific needs and goals.

Control Costs
Citynet’s portfolio of cloud services allows your business to control costs through predictable, yet flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing models. As you buy only the level of resource you need, your expenditure is predictable and can easily scale as your business grows.  

Smart & Flexible
Cloud services enable your users to work smarter and enjoy flexibility by accessing both services and data from anywhere, at any time. With incredible reliability of services, your security and business continuity plans are improved over traditional on-premise solutions.

Cloud-based apps allow you to securely connect to your network, communicate via instant messaging or video, share files securely and more – enabling your remote staff to collaborate and feel connected in today’s virtual workplace.

Low Maintenance
Our cloud-based partner services constantly monitor and maintain their performance and security so you don’t have to! This eliminates such maintenance on your side as well as any downtime. You just focus on your core business.

Advanced Security
Documents and apps are stored on the cloud, so if devices are damaged or lost, data is still accessible. Multi-factor authentication such as DUO allow for secure connections to protect your data and network as employee’s work remotely. Our cloud providers comply with regulatory policies and use data encryption and enterprise-grade security so your data is safe.

Data Accessibility & Recovery
The cloud replicates your data making it available in multiple locations, for both your convenient use and protection. Plus, with our automatic data backup services you always have access to your data, even in the event of accidental deletion – version control maintains multiple instances of backups so you can go back to prior data, easily. 

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