Cybersecurity on a Small Business Budget
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Cybersecurity on a Small Business Budget

Your guidebook on how to secure your business in minutes

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you won’t be a target for cyberattacks.

In fact, small businesses can be particularly vulnerable because they lack the cybersecurity resources of larger businesses. With the increasing shift to remote and roaming work in 2021, businesses of all sizes are more susceptible to threats and attacks. Employees working off the network, from the cloud, and with technology and apps that aren’t necessarily sanctioned (or protected) by your IT staff. And these attacks do real damage — small businesses spend an average of $955,000 per attack on restoring normal operations.

43% of cyberattacks target small business

It may be time to upgrade your security technology to something more substantial. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the idea of managing complex cybersecurity protection while running your business.

If so, you’re not alone – 47% of small businesses say they do not understand how to protect themselves against cyberattacks. But as time passes, cyber threats are becoming more numerous and complex, with orchestrated, multi-staged, evasive attacks becoming the norm.

You can’t afford to wait – but where do you start?

Download our guide, Small Businesses Deserve Big Protection, to learn how to get enterprise-grade security on a small business budget with:

  • The most effective threat protection in the industry
  • Visibility and protection for all devices, on and off the network
  • Simple management and flexible policies
  • Rapid deployment and quick time to value
  • Reliability and performance you can depend on

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