Duolingo Data Leak & Related Phishing Scams
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Duolingo Data Leak & Related Phishing Scams

Duolingo is a popular online language-learning platform that allows users to learn languages and earn certifications. On August 23, 2023, Duolingo announced that it had suffered a data breach in which cybercriminals stole the names and email addresses of 2.6 million users.

This data breach is a serious incident and could significantly impact the affected users. Cybercriminals could use the stolen information to send phishing emails, commit identity theft, or even commit fraud.

In the coming months, it is crucial to be vigilant for phishing emails that appear to be from Duolingo. These emails may ask you to change your password or email address or contain a link that, when clicked, will take you to a malicious website.

If you receive an email that you believe is from Duolingo, do not click on any links or open any attachments. Instead, go directly to the Duolingo website and log in to your account. If you see any suspicious activity, such as a change in your password or email address, contact Duolingo immediately.

Here are some tips to help protect yourself from phishing scams:

  • Be suspicious of any email that asks you to provide personal information, such as your password or credit card number.
  • Do not click on links or open attachments in emails from unknown senders.
  • Go directly to the website of the company or organization the email is supposedly from to verify the message.
  • Keep your software updated, including your web browser, operating system, and antivirus software.

Following these tips can help protect yourself from phishing scams and other cybercrimes.

To learn more about Citynet’s security awareness training, click here or contact us online or call us now: 304.848.5400.

Stay safe online!

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