EkiNet Ticket Scams
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EkiNet Ticket Scams

EkiNet is a Japanese organization that sells tickets for area passes and train rides. Many people rely on EkiNet to buy transportation tickets every day. Now, cybercriminals are taking advantage of EkiNet’s popularity by impersonating EkiNet in a new phishing scam.

The scam starts with a phishing email that appears to come from EkiNet. This email states that EkiNet has detected unusual activity on your account. Then, the email states that you need to click a link to verify your account or your account will be terminated. If you click the link, you’ll be taken to a spoofed EkiNet login page. If you enter your login credentials, cybercriminals can use them to access your account for their malicious goals.

Follow the tips below to stay safe from similar scams:

  • Remember that this type of attack isn’t exclusive to EkiNet. Cybercriminals could use this technique to impersonate any transportation service.
  • Watch out for a sense of urgency in emails. Phishing attacks rely on impulsive actions, so always think before you click.

Before you click a link, always hover your mouse over it. Make sure that the link leads to a legitimate, safe website that corresponds with the content in the email.

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