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Deliver the one-two punch to dead zones and get amazing WiFi with robust coverage and smart management with Plume Pods and Superhero Smart WiFi!

Experience seamless, secure WiFi coverage throughout your home with Plume’s adaptive technology. Customize and manage your network using Superhero Smart WiFi via the HomePass app. Monitor performance, create guest networks, and control connected devices. Safeguard your children by blocking inappropriate content on their devices and enjoy worry-free, automated security features.

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Worry Free WiFi

Super Powered WiFi Management

Mesh WiFi Network

Work simply and seamlessly with your Citynet Gateway to establish a mesh WiFi network.

Adaptive Connectivity

Optimize and adapt to your home's WiFi needs for enhanced performance.

Automated Security

Ensure safe and secured devices with worry-free browsing and an ad-free environment.

Optimized Wi-Fi Coverage

Improve your home's Wi-Fi connection with Pods, eliminating dead spots and providing consistent coverage.

Intuitive Control

Easily monitor and control all your WiFi activity on your home network directly through the Plume app.

Enhanced Controls

Parental controls and guest access with features for a safer online experience.

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    Must be a Citynet Fiber Internet Customer for Superhero Smart WiFi. Only available in Bridgeport, WV. Expanding to additional markets soon.

    The Four Key Features of Superhero Smart WiFi


    Flawless WiFi connectivity
    Creates fast, reliable, and intelligent connectivity everywhere for everyone, allowing you to have Wi-Fi that never drops out or loses strength.


    Full access management
    Full access management with parental controls and guest access, giving you full control of all your devices with ease.


    Digital security
    Worry-free browsing with protection against online threats and hackers.


    Motion detection
    With a few taps in the App settings, you can turn connected devices into motion sensors without the need of new hardware.