IT Managed Services vs. the Break-Fix Model
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IT Managed Services vs. the Break-Fix Model

In the past, businesses that needed IT support would typically use a break-fix model. This model involved calling an IT service provider only when there was a problem, such as a system crash or a network outage. Businesses would then find an IT provider to fix the problem and bill the business for the time and materials involved.

While the break-fix model was once the standard, it is becoming increasingly outdated. There are a number of reasons why IT-managed service providers, such as Citynet, are a better option for businesses today.

Managed services are more proactive.
With a break-fix model, businesses only focus on fixing problems after they occur. This can lead to downtime, lost productivity, and even financial losses. Managed services, on the other hand, are designed to be proactive. Citynet Managed Services will monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7 and take steps to prevent problems before they occur.

Managed services offer more peace of mind.
With a break-fix model, businesses are always worried about when the next problem will occur. This can lead to stress and anxiety for IT staff and business owners. Managed services, on the other hand, offer peace of mind. Businesses know that their IT infrastructure is monitored and maintained by experts so they can focus on running their business.

Managed services can save you money.
In the long run, managed services can save businesses money. This is because managed services can help to prevent problems, which can lead to downtime and lost productivity. Additionally, many of Citynet’s solutions offer a flat-rate, per-user monthly pricing model, which can help businesses budget their IT needs and scale their services only as their business grows.

Managed services provide the latest in IT solutions and the knowledge to stay ahead of the latest threats.
By partnering with Citynet Managed Services, businesses have access to our comprehensive portfolio of solutions that cover network security, data protection, disaster planning and recovery, collaborative communications, and more.

Managed services are more scalable.
As businesses grow, their IT needs will change. Managed services are more scalable than break-fix models, so businesses can easily add or remove services as needed.

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