Mother of All Breaches
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Mother of All Breaches

A colossal data breach comprising over 26 billion records has been uncovered by security researchers. This extensive collection of records originates from various sources, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Adobe, and numerous other organizations, making it potentially the largest breach of its kind. Referred to as MOAB or the “Mother of All Breaches” by researchers, this breach exposes a vast amount of personal information. With billions of compromised pieces of information, it’s certain that malicious actors will exploit this significant breach.

If services you utilize have experienced a breach, it’s crucial to take immediate action by updating your accounts with strong, unique passwords and activating multi-factor authentication such as DUO to safeguard against unauthorized access using stolen credentials. Employing a password manager such as LastPass can simplify the management of passwords across multiple accounts. Remember, in this age of prolific cyberattacks, it is always a good practice to update your passwords every three months, whether or not an account of yours has been compromised.

Users should also be prepared for increased phishing emails, which may leverage information obtained from these breaches to appear more convincing and deceive users into clicking on links to fraudulent websites or malicious attachments.

Identifying phishing emails can be challenging, but you can enhance your security by only opening attachments and links from known senders. Ignore emails requesting updates to account information, passwords, or subscriptions; if in doubt, manually visit the site through your browser to verify legitimacy.

Check your accounts, change passwords, and explore tools that alert you if your information is on the dark web and offer identity protection.

From a corporate standpoint, it’s vital to engage employees in discussions about online security; incorporating a security awareness platform like KnowBe4 can be invaluable. Additionally, having an Incident Response Plan is an essential playbook for any company. All businesses, regardless of size, need to have a robust cybersecurity framework in place.

Citynet can help with it all:

  • Tailored security assessments
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Password management tool
  • Secure cloud solutions
  • Incident response planning
  • Employee security awareness training
  • And more

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