Network Assessment

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Citynet’s Network Assessment provides insights into the security of your organization. Using vulnerability assessment tools, we identify your general risk factors and will recommend the best countermeasure strategies. 

To get started, please fill out our Network Assessment form below. The info you provide gives us the ability to have a little bit of insight so we are better prepared when we reach out.  Once you do, we’ll schedule a call to learn more about your infrastructure, processes, and regulatory environment, and outline how this service will benefit your organization. A member of our team will then check for security gaps in your network’s infrastructure, look for possible threats or and will then outline strategies for addressing any issues.

Looking for something more comprehensive? We also offer a paid service that performs a thorough investigation into every aspect of your network/cybersecurity and concludes with a detailed security report with specific insights, recommendations, and an action plan targeting each security gap. Contact us today for more information.

Reveal Weak Links

  • Network server & endpoint configurations
  • Desktop & mobile device settings
  • Email risk factors
  • Access controls
  • Outdated software

Prioritize Threats

  • Spear-phishing & ransomware
  • Viruses/malware
  • IP theft
  • Spam

Strategic Evaluation

  • Firewalls
  • Anti-malware
  • Email & web filters
  • Access controls
  • Staff training

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