Ransomware for Dummies FREE eBook

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Ransomware for Dummies FREE eBook

If you’re like most companies, you’re probably struggling to control risk as you modernize your IT infrastructure. You need to protect your network and endpoints against ransomware threats. To help with that, Citynet is offering this FREE eBook: Ransomware Defense for Dummies: Cisco 2nd Special Edition.

Would you like to learn how to prevent and respond to ransomware attacks? If so, access your free copy now and discover:

• Why your company should fear ransomware

• Ransomware defense best practices

• How to implement a robust security architecture

As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, Citynet helps SMBs in the West Virginia region protect their networks, endpoints, and mobile devices against today’s constantly emerging threats. Have questions? Ready to deploy solutions to protect your network? Please contact us today! Call us, anytime, at 800.881.2638 to schedule a beneficial discussion of your unique needs.