IP Address Assignment

In order to process your address request, we will need to get some information about your company and your company’s network. This information will be used to create a database about your network. The database will be combined with other customer databases to justify our own utilization to ARIN (The American Registry for Internet Numbers).


    1. Company Information

    Please enter this general information about your company:

    2. Contact Information

    Please input the name of your network administrator. This may be an employee of your company, it may be a consultant or systems integration firm.

    3. Account Information

    Please input the name of your Citynet Account Executive, and the city you are purchasing Internet Access in.

    4. Current Utilization

    Please tell us what IP addresses you currently have, and how you are using them. These four lines are different ways you could indicate what addresses you have:
 - through
    The Class C network

    If you are breaking your addresses into "subnets", please let us know about that. For instance, you might state:

    "We currently use This is broken into 4 subnets of 64 addresses each (4 networks with the netmask or /26). One subnet is used for virtual web servers, one subnet is used for intraoffice dialups, one subnet is used for the local area network, one subnet is unused."


    5. Expansion Utilization

    How many addresses do you need within the next 3 months? Give a general description of how you intend to use these addresses. For instance, you might state:

    "We are using 10 public IPs now, and in the next 3 months expect that we will be adding 2 new employees and 3 new servers (another DNS server, a mailserver, and a second webserver). We expect to need 15 ips in the next 3 months."


    6. Router Information

    What is the WAN, or Serial, Interface IP address of the connection you will be using the requested IP addresses on?

    7. Special Conditions

    If you have Internet Access from another source, please indicate the name of the other provider(s), whether or not you use/require BGP routing, and any other information you think we should know about your other provider(s).

    8. Questions and Comments

    Please enter any comments or questions below.