Technical Support Center Representative: Sebastian Heston
Employee: Sebastian Heston

Technical Support Center Representative: Sebastian Heston

It’s time for another behind-the-scenes look at the employees of Citynet! Today, we are talking with Technical Support Center Representative Sebastian Heston to learn what it’s like to work in the heart of our customer support center at Citynet.

What do you do in Citynet’s Technical Support Center?
I started with Citynet at the start of the expansion of the center. For the last five months, aside from my daily call & email volume, I have assisted in training new employees one-on-one. Typically, I will start in the morning by calling and emailing the customers I have been working with the previous day or to whom I have been assigned. My average day consists of shadowing incoming calls, assisting in the creation/troubleshooting of tickets in our system, and answering any related questions that arise during the training phase.

What do you wish people knew about the Technical Support Center department?
Here in the call center, we are here to aid our customers in any way we can. Often, when a customer calls in, they are under the impression we are just another obstacle to getting their services back online. When you call to let us know of an issue, we want to resolve it just as much as you do. We are here for you! I know people are often wary of calling companies for support, but those who call us are welcomed by friendly and knowledgeable Citynet people who truly want to help.

With which departments at Citynet do you work closely? How so?
I personally like to think of the call center as our primary information distribution team. In technical support, we have both residential and business customers call or email us every day. In order for us to effectively resolve any issues, it’s imperative we have good relations with all the other departments. Here at Citynet, we are one team, and being a team, you work on just a bit of everything with everyone.

Why did you decide to work with Citynet?
I was looking for a friendly and local company to work with and gain relevant IT experience with room to grow.

What is the best part about working in Citynet’s Technical Support Center?
The relationships and bonds built between coworkers. Working in the information technology field, there are constantly things you will learn that you may have never dealt with before. We recognize that everyone has their own strengths and expertise. When it comes down to it, sometimes a change of perspective is necessary, so oftentimes, we brainstorm and troubleshoot as a team. 

What is the most common call you get in the Technical Support Center?
Surprisingly, the most common call we get isn’t even technical support-related. I talk to several people every day looking to get our internet services installed. We are all very thankful in the call center for our sales agents who take on the tidal wave of interest in service tickets we create daily.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?
I typically enjoy spending my free time headbanging at local metal shows or taking long nighttime drives through the countryside.

Unfortunately, I am no longer involved, but one of my favorite community organizations was my local high school beekeeping club. While I was an active member, we met with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture and the Board of Education to advocate for the widespread beekeeping hobby. By the end of time with the club, we were able to secure an active apiary on school grounds and strengthen our community outreach.

What are some of your favorite places or things about West Virginia?
Throughout the land, there lies a tale of a West Virginian culinary delicacy. All that falls before it succumbs to its serene delicacy. Other states are so envious of this food staple that they have even outlawed them as a scare tactic. Ancient proverbs state that those who control it will control the world. Nothing screams “West Virginia” louder to me than a steaming pepperoni roll with a Mountain Dew to wash it down.

Who is your favorite famous West Virginian?
Although sadly not a tax-paying citizen of WV, but I would have to say my favorite West Virginian would be the Mothman. Every year, I travel to Point Pleasant, WV, to celebrate at the Mothman festival. Even if the Mothman’s origins are under scrutiny, he will always be my favorite cryptid from West Virginian folklore.

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