Yearly Cyber Training Doesn't Work
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Yearly Cyber Training Doesn’t Work

If you’re sticking to once-a-year sessions for your employees, it’s time to rethink your approach. Let’s face it, it’s likely dull and uninspiring. And if you’re not providing any training at all, consider this: your employees are your biggest vulnerability – and your first line of defense against threats. Here’s what you should consider instead.

Keeping your team informed about the latest cyber threats is essential. With the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, staying ahead of the game is critical to safeguarding your business from potential breaches.

Therefore, the traditional method of annual cyber security training is falling terribly short.

Ask any security expert, and they’ll tell you that employees often find it tedious and unengaging. Whether it’s mindlessly clicking through slides or speeding through videos, it’s typically viewed as just another box to check.

For those who do pay attention, there’s little evidence to suggest it leads to meaningful changes in behavior.

Why? Because the conventional approach lacks interaction and fails to resonate with employees on a personal level. It’s more about fulfilling requirements than fostering a culture of cyber security awareness.

But fear not; there’s a better way: regular training that builds awareness. Think of it like the speed limit signs on the road—they remind people to pause and think before engaging in risky behavior. Similarly, this type of training heightens employees’ awareness of their online actions. You want them to stop, look, and think about what they are doing. It’s about empowering them to make informed decisions every day.

In today’s world saturated with Generative AI and third-party tools, it’s crucial to equip employees with the knowledge to navigate potential risks. Whether through instant coaching or policy reminders, we can help employees grasp the significance of protecting sensitive data.

It’s time to consider a more proactive approach to cybersecurity education.

Our solution? Regular, bite-sized training modules that employees can complete at their convenience within set parameters. The content is topical – highlighting the recent tactics used by threat actors. The training is dynamic and fun! Plus, with a low monthly cost per user, you can equip your team with critical awareness and protect your business, all without breaking your budget.

Learn more here, and let’s start a conversation. Contact us today at 304.848.5400 or here.

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