Macs Need Security Too
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Macs Need Security Too

macOS is now the second most widely used operating system (OS) by business devices worldwide. Thanks to its seamless performance and a user base that swears by its ease and top-notch compatibility, macOS adoption has skyrocketed by 20% each year, with predictions it might even overtake Windows by 2030. But as its popularity grows, so does the attention from the darker corners of the web. 2023 saw a 100% increase in malware variants aimed at macOS, bringing its security into sharp focus. 

Let’s face it: the old belief that Macs are more secure than Windows has become a dangerous myth. As cyber threats evolve, the need for robust, macOS-specific defenses has become critical. 

Good news: Citynet partner Huntress has macOS users covered with the game-changing Huntress Managed EDR for macOS.

Not Just Another macOS Solution

We get it—there are heaps of endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions claiming macOS compatibility. But here’s the thing: most just slap their Windows methods onto macOS and call it a day. That’s like applying the rules of baseball to cricket. While both games involve bats and balls, the skills, strategies, and rules are fundamentally different, requiring a tailored approach to each. Huntress Managed EDR for macOS is a solution that truly understands and integrates with the macOS ecosystem.  

What Makes Huntress Managed EDR for macOS Different?

  • Native macOS Agent: 
    The Huntress agent is crafted according to Apple’s guidelines. It’s tapping into MacOS’s unique operational quirks and security features to deliver seamless integration, top-notch performance, and crystal-clear visibility so attackers have nowhere to hide.
  • Tailored macOS Threat Detections: 
    Not all threats are created equal, especially on macOS. That’s why the Huntress Managed EDR service isn’t just casting a wide net; it’s precision-engineered. Backed by a team of devs dedicated to macOS, Huntress is crafting threat detection that’s as unique as the landscape of macOS itself to identify crafty attackers who try to sneak by.
  • macOS Trained Threat Hunters: 
    Huntress EDR isn’t just about algorithms and automated responses—there are real humans in the mix. The Huntress threat hunters are trained specifically for the macOS environment, from its distinct filesystem to its privacy settings and interface. They’re not just checking boxes; they’re digging deep to root out the sophisticated threats that others might miss.
  • Integrated macOS Response: 
    When it comes to handling threats on macOS, Huntress does more than just notify – it takes decisive action. The Huntress Managed EDR service is meticulously calibrated to the intricacies of macOS architecture, allowing to isolate and eliminate threats without disrupting your day-to-day activities. It also provides additional support to not only remove the threat but also strengthen your defenses against future attacks and tackle the underlying cause. This ensures that no matter the time—day, night, weekend, or holiday—you can have peace of mind knowing that threats don’t stand a chance with Huntress on guard.

Get Huntress Managed EDR Protection, Expertly Deployed by Citynet

Huntress Managed EDR for macOS is a game changer. The best part? With expert deployment by Citynet, you can skip the hassle of managing EDR yourself and unlock top-tier security without obliterating your budget. If you’re ready to protect your macOS devices against the rising tide of threats, contact Citynet today and start with a free trial.  Experience firsthand the peace of mind that comes from knowing every move is monitored, every threat is checked, and response is calculated to keep your operations safe.

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Tablet Laptop Image

Macs Need Security Too

macOS is now the second most widely used operating system (OS) by business devices worldwide. Thanks to its seamless performance and a user base that

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