Emergency Mass Notification Solutions

Emergency Mass Notification

When an emergency occurs, Singlewire’s Mass Notification System helps keep people safe & informed.

Singlewire’s alert software offers the only emergency notification system that reaches people on-premises and when they are mobile. When communication matters most, InformaCast notification software provides the speed and reach to get critical information into the hands of the people who need it. This versatile mass communication system works with mobile and on-premises devices to protect people when emergencies strike. The InformaCast platform helps extend the reach of communications tools already in place, thereby reducing costs and saving time. ​

Protect Your People & Assets

A mass notification can help keep people safe by getting critical information into the hands of people who need it.

​Transform existing Cisco Unified Communications platforms into a powerful, “any-to-any” mass communication and emergency mass notification system. It allows organizations to simultaneously connect with thousands of IP phones, PoE IP speakers, desktop clients, analog paging systems, social media sites, email, SMS text messaging systems, and a growing list of other endpoint devices.

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Reduce Costs & Save Time

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​Singlewire InformaCast can be deployed centrally via a physical or virtual server in a data center or remotely on the edge of your network in a branch office. Singlewire InformaCast leverages the investments you’ve already made in your network, phone system, and overhead paging system, maximizing their efficiency, and saving time and money.

Extend Your Communications Reach

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InformaCast notification system is the bridge that links people and devices together. When a person, system or device detects a problem, InformaCast can be triggered to immediately send a text and/or audio mass notification to a pre-configured group of people. Other systems can also be triggered and activated via the InformaCast API.

For Business

In your business, your most important asset is your people. Whether it’s severe weather, intruders, or a fire, you need to have systems and procedures to protect them in case of an emergency. InformaCast notification system gives you the power to notify everyone in your building and even those working remotely during a crisis.

Hospital Paging System

At healthcare facilities, staff are focused on providing excellent patient care. Utilizing a notification system that can streamline communications provides more time for your staff to spend with patients. InformaCast for Healthcare delivers better emergency and clinical workflow communications, resulting in enhanced patient care.

School Notification System

For K-12 schools, keeping students and staff safe is a top priority. Active shooters and other intruders pose potential threats for which schools need to be prepared. InformaCast for K-12 Schools helps connect the office, classrooms, security and administrators to help manage crisis situations efficiently. For everyday operations like paging and automated school bells, InformaCast makes the school day easier.

For Manufacturing

In a manufacturing facility, ambient noise and other distractions can make it difficult to quickly notify everyone during an emergency. InformaCast for Manufacturing can tie into existing sensors and devices to alert employees when emergencies happen. InformaCast works with a variety of audio and visual output devices to make sure that the message gets through, even in the harshest environment.

For Retail

Retail store managers have many demands they are trying to meet from staff, customers and outside vendors. Mass notification systems that direct customer calls and monitor incoming deliveries save time and money. InformaCast helps managers track deliveries, answer customer questions and protect store assets with Singlewire's comprehensive, mass communications solution.

Government Emergency Notification

Safety officials in government need to be prepared to protect their personnel against any threat they may encounter. From terrorist attacks to severe weather, you need to have a means to send notifications to people throughout your facility efficiently. InformaCast helps you quickly deliver critical messages to evacuate or lockdown buildings and get your people out of harm’s way.