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Innovation & quality. Expert guidance & installation by Citynet.

Citynet & AXIS: Excellence in Network Video Solutions

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find an Axis network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, AXIS offers it all.

AXIS cameras provide excellent HDTV image quality regardless of lighting conditions and the size and characteristics of the monitored areas. And they do it while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to help you save energy.

Analytic applications developed by Axis and our partners transform our network cameras into business tools. They can alert you to developing situations and help you make smart decisions about operations and resource allocation. Data can also be integrated with your other systems.

The Ideal Solution for Small Businesses

Axis video surveillance products are recognized for their quality, innovation and ease of installation and operation. AXIS Companion is a premium quality surveillance solution, tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Video Cameras to Meet Diverse Needs

Citynet will listen and learn the unique needs of your operations, recommend the camera and video solutions tailored to your specific needs and provide expert installation. AXIS offers cameras for wide-ranging applications.

Fixed Box Cameras

For deterrence in any environment

Modular Cameras

Flexible installation for highly discreet surveillance anywhere

Panoramic Cameras

For complete situational awareness with just one camera

Positioning Cameras

For completely unobstructed views in every direction

Specialty Cameras

For unique needs and scenarios, get the camera to meet your needs

Thermal Cameras

Reliable detection - 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Fixed Bullet Cameras

For all-purpose surveillance around the clock

Fixed Dome Cameras

For discreet surveillance in any environment

Onboard Cameras

For surveillance on buses and trains provide video documentation

PTZ Cameras

Pan, tilt and zoom capabilities for wide area coverage

Explosion-Protected Cameras

Fixed and PTZ network cameras certified for hazardous areas.

Canon Network Cameras

PTZ, fixed and dome cameras for a variety of applications

Citynet is at Your Service.

Let us design and install network video recording system for the security of your business within your budget and to your specific needs. Open up a whole new style of convenient, powerful surveillance. Citynet can design and configure the right network of cameras for your needs, complete with the ability to monitor and record via LAN, WAN or the Internet. The possibilites are endless!