Password Managers

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Password Managers

Our lives are full of more online accounts that require login credentials than any one person could possibly remember. Since trying to remember a different password for each account can be difficult, many people resort to bad password habits, such as reusing the same password for multiple accounts. If you want to practice good password habits but are afraid of forgetting all your passwords, a password manager can help.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a program that stores and encrypts your passwords. Trustworthy password managers like DashLane, LastPass, and 1Password can increase your personal security. Password managers also make it easier for you by having only one master password that you need to remember.

Are Password Managers Safe?

The password manager adds two layers of security to your passwords: a master password that only you know and data encryption which keeps your data secure. Since your data is encrypted, if a bad guy tries to hack your device and steal its data, your passwords remain safe.

Advanced Password Creation and Security

Many password managers have automatic password generation built-in that generate complex passwords that are difficult to guess or hack. Each random password is unique to the account you generated it for. If one account gets hacked, the other accounts will be safe because each password is unique. You never have to worry if one of the passwords is too difficult for you to remember because the password manager will remember it for you.

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