Safe Digging!
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Safe Digging!

Did you know that April is Safe Digging Month?

Warm days have arrived! Before digging post holes, planting trees, or doing any other chore that requires digging, ALWAYS call WV811 before you start. It’s the law!

If you damage a utility line, you can be held responsible for the cost of repairs. In addition, civil penalties can be assessed by the West Virginia Damage Prevention Board for line strikes, and those fines can be as high as $5,000.

Just dial 811 or visit to make your arrangements before you dig. If you are a contractor or someone who frequently works with excavation, you can download the new WV811 app from the website to make contact even more convenient.

You must contact WV811 far enough in advance to give the utility companies 48 hours to respond, not counting weekends or holidays. WV811 will forward your request to all utility companies with underground facilities in your area. Utility representatives will then come out and mark the position of those lines so that you can dig safely.

A broken water or sewer main will cause serious inconvenience. A snapped cable may interrupt phone, TV, or internet service. But a punctured gas line can kill.

Once you make contact, you will be provided with a reference number that serves as proof of your call. In addition, WV 811 will keep a complete record of your call to verify your compliance with the law.

Remember, stay safe by calling 811 or visiting before you dig. 

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