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Citynet and Plume are excited to offer a game-changing WiFi experience to Citynet Fiber Internet customers.

Elevate your online world with the power of Plume WiFi 6 SuperPods, seamlessly integrated with our Superhero Smart WiFi powered by Plume HomePass. Discover a new era of speed, reliability, and smart connectivity – because at Citynet, we believe your internet experience should be nothing short of extraordinary.

We make it easy! Enjoy the budget-friendly option of a monthly plan with equipment support included – or buy the equipment outright (manufacturer warranties apply).

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Adaptive Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi that does the work for you.

Every Plume®-enabled SuperPod functions as an intelligent Wi-Fi router, collaborating seamlessly to guarantee consistent and potent Wi-Fi coverage, whether you’re in the basement or the office. These SuperPods collaborate to dynamically adjust and distribute resources among all your connected devices. If you’re tackling a substantial work file download, the SuperPod can instantly optimize your office’s bandwidth by redirecting another device to connect to a pod in the den, all effortlessly and automatically.

Parental Control Features

Guarding against online content that may not be suitable for your children.

Control the content your kids can view, from kid-friendly options to unrestricted access. Establish specific online time schedules for certain devices. If you need to enforce a timeout for a misbehaving child, simply pause their internet access with the press of a button. Manage and authorize specific websites based on your family’s preferences - all conveniently available via Superhero Smart WiFi.

Simple to Set Up

Even a 6-Year-Old Can Do It!

Adding Plume SuperPods and Superhero Smart WiFi to your Citynet Fiber Internet is as straightforward. Merely scan the QR code and follow the instructions for a frustration-free self-installation in just a few effortless steps.


Peace of mind and protection.

In an era of heightened connectivity - where social interactions are just a tap away, garage doors are controlled through smartphones, and grocery orders are placed by instructing Alexa to update your list - convenience is intertwined with risk. Superhero Smart WiFi powered by Plume HomePass ensures the safety of you, your family, and your home by warding off online threats. It obstructs dubious activities, isolates compromised devices, blocks SPAM sites, and guards against phishing and other fraudulent attempts.