Plume Pod Placement & Quantity


During your initial Citynet Fiber installation, your Citynet technician will conduct a home evaluation, considering your home’s layout, construction materials, and your family’s internet habits. Then, they will recommend the number of SuperPods needed, specific to your home.

If you are ready to sign up for Citynet’s Superhero Smart WiFi, or if you are considering adding more SuperPods to your home, please keep the following recommendations in mind when determining how many SuperPods you’ll need for the absolute best home Wi-Fi:

One SuperPod is typically enough to cover two large rooms. It is best to have SuperPods positioned towards the center of your home and not on outside walls to form a strong core network.

Plume SuperPod Silver Double

Additional Tips to Improve Coverage & Performance

  • Parallel networks from an upstream router or additional access points increase interference, dramatically decreasing your Citynet Network performance.
  • Dense padding and metal/wood framing in furniture can inhibit your WiFi performance. Try placing your SuperPods in open, exposed areas to improve the signal, but also be careful to keep your SuperPods out of reach from curious guests if possible.
  • Similar to how mirrors reflect light, pods also reflect WiFi signals, decreasing signal strength. Try to position SuperPods to connect around large mirrors and windows, rather than through.
  • TVs, refrigerators, commercial equipment, and other metal objects are WiFi killers. Avoid placing SuperPods too close to or behind these items.
  • Devices like microwaves, cordless phones, and industrial, medical, or scientific equipment often share the same frequency as your WiFi network, creating additional interference when placed too close to your SuperPods.
  • Metallic blinds/shades can also prevent your network from reaching outside areas.
  • Avoid heavy metal doors directly in between your SuperPods that can severely impact performance.
  • Reinforced concrete floors and HVAC ductwork can prevent Wi-Fi signals from passing between floors. Try placing pods near stairs where they have a more direct line of sight between SuperPods on other floors.
  • SuperPods are easy to unplug from an outlet and may accidentally get unplugged by a guest looking for an outlet or out of simple curiosity.
  • Use outlets in your workplace that are out of your guests’ immediate reach, like those closer to the ceiling or behind a counter.

Suggested Gateway and SuperPod Placement

The following layouts provide a guideline for possible pod placement with homes of different square footage and layouts.

House 1500 sq. ft.
House 2000 sq. ft.
House 3000 sq. ft.
House 5000 sq. ft.