Superhero Smart WiFi Pricing

Citynet and Plume are excited to offer a game-changing WiFi experience to Citynet Fiber Internet customers.

Elevate your online world with the power of Plume WiFi 6 SuperPods, seamlessly integrated with our Superhero Smart WiFi powered by Plume HomePass. Discover a new era of speed, reliability, and smart connectivity – because at Citynet, we believe your internet experience should be nothing short of extraordinary.

We make it easy! Enjoy the budget-friendly option of a monthly plan with equipment support included – or buy the equipment outright (manufacturer warranties apply).

Plume Price Call Out 25

Additional Plume WiFi 6 Super Pods
$12 / Month – or – $159 to buy

Professional Installation of Superhero Smart WiFi Gigabit Router & Plume WiFi 6 Super Pod(s)

Meet the Plume WiFi 6 Super Pod

The Plume WiFi 6 Super Pod is a next-generation mesh networking device designed to enhance home Wi-Fi performance. It supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, providing faster speeds, improved connectivity, and better handling of multiple devices within a household. The Super Pod delivers a seamless and reliable internet experience by optimizing network performance and coverage.

WiFi standard
WiFi 6
Triple band (2.4, 5 GHz lower and 5GHz Upper)
Radio configuration
2×2 11ax + 4×4 11ax + 2×2 11ax
Ethernet ports
2.5 GigE + 1 GigE

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Our GIG WiFi 6 gateway combines power and elegance!

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    Must be a Citynet Fiber Internet Customer for Superhero Smart WiFi. Only available in Bridgeport, WV. Expanding to additional markets soon.